• SR-FSP-40II


    * It is suitable for automatically packaging of medicines, foodstuffs, such as round sugar balls etc.

    * Packing material include various kinds of heat-seal lamination, such as PET/AL/PE,  PET/PE, NYLON, etc


    * All SS304 cover meets GMP standard.

    * Equipped with anti-pollution and dust proof device.

    * Automatic adjustment of pouch size and filling range.

    * Photocell controller is easy to manipulate.

    * Automatic self-lubricating system enables machine continuous working for 24 hours.

    * The operation facility is controlled by America Intel computer, all function is displayed  on digital screen.

  • SR-DPH260


    It is suitable for automatical packaging of medicines, foodstuffs, such as round sugar balls etc.

    Packing materials include several kinds of heat-seal lamination, such as PET/plated AL/PE, PET/PE, NYLON etc.


    The processes of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and hot pressing codes can be done automatically.

    1. All stainless steel cover meets GMP standard.
    2. Equipped with antipollution and dustproof device.
    3. Automatic adjustment of pouch size and filling range.
    4. Photocell controller is easy to manipulate.
    5. Automatic self-support lubricating system, the machine can work 24hours.
    6. The operation facility is controlled by American intel computer, all function is displayed with digital screen.
    7. Equipped with shaking-plate which will shake the pills or capsule while packing, this makes the packing more swift and accurate.