Established in 1986, the corporation is specialized in producing various packaging machine and food machine...etc. As a manufacture, SUNRISE PACKAGING MACHINERY GROUP have aware of providing high quality machines and consummate service are most essential part. We have registered trademark in Germany, also aim at focusing on the customer and serving the economic market, SUNRISE gradually implement diversified policy, producing and exporting all kinds of optimized and delicate packing such as AL/PET/PE, BOPP/PE, PET/VMPET/PE and TEA-LEAF FILTER PAPER.


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With over than 20 years of experience in this field , we deserved “ISO9001:2000” and we were the first manufacture to obtain “Europe Counties Quality Certificate of CE system” for all packing machines we produced, and we gain confidence of our customers over 110 countries around the global , such as U.S.A., Canada, Egypt, Turkey, Iran , Russia, Malaysia.

Manufacturing of wide range of packaging machinery, our core production strength lies in the high  quality raw material such as all stainless steel, famous branded electronic devices (Omron, Siemens, Fuji, and Mitsubishi). 


SUNRISE workshop                                  SUNRISE attends abroad Exhibition 

Attention to detail, professional service, distinguished quality products and going the extra mile for our customers are the hallmark of SUNRISE. Supported from own manufacturing plants and R&D  center, through troubleshooting department, SUNRISE can assure a strict quality control check of components before assembly, guaranteeing highly performing and long-lasting machines.

The successful growth of SUNRISE could never have been achieved without the support and co-operation of the companies who put their trust in our products. We owe a debt of gratitude to those companies and offer the promise of our continuing service and bold support to them.


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