• Model SR-ZJ250


    The whole machine adopts integration design of light, electricity and gas, is currently the most advanced one of the paper, non-woven packaging equipment.

    It is suitable or Four-side sealing of wet wipes, alcohol swab and pad, disinfect cloth, etc.

    The machine is suitable to be used in the field of restaurant, medicine and hygiene, such as medicine plaster, disinfectants cotton paper, disinfectant napkin, toilet tissue and fragrant tissue etc.


    1. It adopts light, electricity and air power to control the machine. Itwarns up when it meets trouble. Safety control instruction.

    2. It can setsingle bag or two bags in row.

    3. It can add multi-kinds of liquid, add per liquid into per bag or add all the liquid in the same bag.The liquid is added exactly by metering pump imported from Japan.

    4.It is controlled by touch screen PLC can be set freely,and it is easy to operate.

    5. Closed-door cover as option, it ensures less pollution, less noise,high production capacity, and

    less rejection. lt is easy to clean the machine and the appearance is beautiful.

  • Model SR-ZJ-220


    1.It is suitable to be used in the fields of restaurant, medicine and hygiene materials etc for packing medicine plaster, disinfectant cotton paper, disinfectant napkin,  toilet tissue and fragrant tissue etc. 

    2.The integrated process of folding and cutting, liquid-dropping, hot pressing and counting ( with count press) etc can be done automatically.

    3.Adopting Japan ceramic pump, ensures precise measurement of liquid injection,  and corrosion resistance. 

    4.The form of pouch can be four sides seal or pillow shaped seal in single line.


    1. 1.Certificate:Obtained European Countries Quality Certificate of CE System.
    2. 2.Raw material:All stainless steel 304 cover meets international GMP standard.
    3. 3.Function:Automatic folding and cutting, liquid-dropping and hot-ressing and counting.
    4. 4.Pouch type:Four sides sealing in single line.
    5. 5.Material:Nonwoven or filter paper.
    6. 6.Molding system:Two sets of molding system for wet tissue forming and the outer bag forming.
    7. 7.Cutters:Two sets of cutter system for slitting wet wipes and outer bag.
    8. 8.Easy open device:Easy open mouth for convenience.