• Model SR-FSJ-40II/150II


    The machine is suitable for packaging all sauce/liquid types of medical, health care, and food product. Examples include honey, ketchup, seasoning sauce, chilli sauce, juice liquid, as well as shampoo product. The process of bag making, measuring, filling, counting, sealing can be done automatically. 



    1. Adopt variable frequendcy motor +PLC colour touch screen controlling system. Enable easy operation and achieves human-computer interaction. 


    2. Automatic adjustment of bag size and filling range, equipped with unique anti-leakage sealing device, extend expiry date.


    3. With double jacket hopper, machine can keep filling temperature of liquid product as 40, suitable for hot filling product.


    4. Equipped with mixer inside the hopper, to achieve anti-sedimentation, help filling evenly and smoothly.


    5. Meet GMP standard. For to different product nature, machine can be equipped with different types of pump, rotary pump, liquid pump, gearpump, piston pump.


    6. Unique filling suction device, avoid leakage, easy to clean.


    7. For high temperature and high humidity area, do chemical coating treatment in the machine, which can effentively avoid the inner parts of machine rusting and increase the wear resistance and life span of machine.


    8. Packing effect can be enhanced while monitoring the sealing method (hermetic line works with crossway sealing).

  • Model SR-FSJ-300/1500


    1 It is suitable for automatically packing of viscous products with free flowing such as tobacco sauce, lotion, noodle jam, edible oil, meat jam and broth.

    2 The integrated processes of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting,

      counting and hot pressing codes can be done automatically.  


    Certificate: Obtained European Countries Quality Certificate of CE System

    Raw material: All SS304 cover meets international GMP standard

    Dosing system: Piston pump

    Control system: America Intel tech. controls central operation and all

                           functions display on digital screen

    Adjustment: Bag size and filling range are adjustable 

  • Model SR-FSY2-300T


    Various sizes and requirements in the stick pack format.

    Specialized tear and pack end formats, round coner.

    The product range can be configured in a flexible way for different customers applications, and available for granular, powder as well as liquid by changing filling part.


    l  High production performance(OEE>95%)

    l  Full customer service along machine life.

    l  High filling accuracy controlled from HMI.

    l  Maine motion servomotorized.

    l  Low maintenace.High set performance with bags of perfect quality.

    l  GMP Compliance. Realiablle product protection due to tight seals.

    l  Independent temperature calibration of each sealing jaw from touch screen.

    l  Stickpack length automatically adjustable.

    l  Centralized lubrication.


    Filling System as option

    l  Volumetric filter    Counting filler

    l  Auger filter        Feeding conveyor

    l  Pistion Pumps      Date printer

    l  Timer filter